Retirement plans are confusing products and we don’t care about them enough. We made this game to teach people how they work, and why you should care more.

In the Netherlands there is a real problem concerning our collective pensions. The models that we use are outdated. The general population is aging faster than we expected, and they live longer. This means that there will be less money set aside for my (and future) generations, even though the costs keep rising.

One of the focus points of a solution is creating more awareness. That’s what we do with this game. In the game, you gain control over your avatar, and can make choices to affect his/her life. Education, partners, kids, jobs, transportation, food, health, housing, social and finances are all topics the player can make choices in. In the background, a simulation keeps track of a player’s health, age, finances and social contacts.

The game can be divided into two phases: pre-retirement and post-retirement. Pre-retirement is all about gathering. You get educated, work at a career, make money, start a family and try to keep healthy. Post-retirement sees a big loss of income, and a steady decline of your health. You are increasingly troubled with all kinds of ailments and sickness. Did you gather enough resources to live to be a 100 years old?

What is so great about this project is the sheer simulation power intertwined with the gameplay. Your choice of partner for example, determines how much either of you work, and your chosen form of partnership determines how much of your incomes, if any, end up in either of your retirements. What happens when your partner divorces you? What happens in case of death? What happens when you lose your job? All these real world scenarios can also happen in the game. If you have not made the proper arrangements, you might lose a big part of your savings to your ex, or even the ex’s family! Take bad care of your own health and you might not even live long enough to see that happen…

What is also very interesting is how we incorporated social into the game. Raising kids for example takes an enormous amount of time and money for a great many years, but they are also very good caretakers when you get older, and your health starts to decline.

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