Can you fix it?

Can you fix it teaches teenagers to set personal boundaries when it comes to sex.

This online game is part of a much larger online platform about sexual education. The goal of this particular website and game, is to give teenagers insight into when someone is pushing to far, when it comes to sexual topics or situations. The game’s scenarios include situations about not wanting to use a condom, harassment, coming out and peer-pressure.

In the game, players can watch video scenarios from a few different standpoints. The videos have a ‘fix it’ button that the player can press at any time. Every scenario ends up badly if the player does nothing: couples fight, things get out of hand or people get offended. If the player presses the ‘fit it’ button at the correct time, he can fix the situation by selecting the right way to handle the situation. And if done correctly, is rewarded with an alternative ending to the scenario and a score.

What is interesting about the project is that we found out using analytics that not only is the game still being played years after its launch, but players tend to watch all sides to a scenario, not just the ones corresponding to their own gender. The average time spend on the site is also quite high.

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