Peace of cake

The University museum in Utrecht had an exhibit about what happens after a war ends, and the conflicts that can arise at that time. For this exhibit, I helped create 3 interactive installations that use a Microsoft Kinect sensor.

What if a parking spot is empty, would you park there? You probably would. Different scenario: your country is at war, and that has forced you to relocate. You take refuge in a house, obviously abandoned by the previous residents who have fled the country. After 5 years the war is over, and the previous residents return and claim their house back. Would you just pick up your things and leave? This question is harder to answer.

We made 3 interactive installations that pose these kinds of questions and then ask the viewers to take a vote. They can do this by standing on certain marked spots in the floor. A Kinect sensor hanging from the ceiling uses an image processing technique called ‘blob detection’ to count the amount of people voting for or against the question, and uses that input in the installation.

I was the Kinect programmer for this project and installed the software and hardware on site.

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